Chamber President and CEO, Janelle Capra: Be present with your time

February 9, 2024

Hello, Happy Mama: Janelle Capra Be Present with Your Time

Hello, Mama!

It’s been a minute since I last wrote to you. First, let me start by saying, “Happy 2024!” I always love a new year with a fresh start, blank page (all 366 pages with leap year) and it’s also my birth-month. If you recall from previous articles, I choose a word every year to be my metric, my intention for the year ahead. This year my word is Present. I was inspired to choose this word after meeting singer, songwriter and Alzheimer’s advocate, Jay Allen. He released a song titled, “No Present like the Time” that really resonated with me. So in 2024, I want to choose to be more present in my time…the time I spend with my family, friends and work.

Left to right: Pete and Janelle Capra and Country Music Singer Jay Allen at the ADAKC Heart Never Forgets Gala.

Speaking of work, I was honored to accept the role of President and CEO of the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce. Talk about a new year with a new chapter! I have been a fan and cheerleader for the Chamber for decades. I love to play matchmaker connecting and collaborating with local businesses, supporting local non-profits and advocating for causes and issues that are important to our community.

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